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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Comey’s memos on Trump meetings leaked online (FULL TEXT)

April 19, 2018 0

The redacted copies of notes that former FBI Director James Comey made following his meetings with President Trump, have been leaked online, after the Justice Department released them to Congress.
The documents, obtained by Associated Press, appeared online on Thursday evening, shortly after they were sent to the chairs of the House Judiciary, Oversight and Intelligence committees by the DOJ.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fox News says it will NOT suspend Sean Hannity

April 17, 2018 0

Fox News is to defy calls for Sean Hannity to in the wake of the bombshell revelations he was secretly a client of Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, the network said Tuesday. The network issued a statement saying its biggest star had its 'full support' - even though he had never told them about the relationship while repeatedly attacking the FBI raid on Cohen on his show. 'While FOX News was unaware of Sean Hannity's informal relationship with Michael Cohen and was surprised by the announcement in court yesterday, we have reviewed the matter and spoken to Sean and he continues to have our full support,' the statement said. Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd became the highest-profile journalist to question Hannity's integrity and that of the network  as he tweeted: 'No serious news org would allow someone this conflicted to cover this story.' Pictured left: Hannity on air and right when Cohen appeared on his show to discuss Trump in 2015. 
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One of the innocent black men wrongly arrested for 'loitering' in Philadelphia Starbucks is identified as college finance grad

April 17, 2018 0

Rashon Nelson is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity's Alpha Eta (right) chapter and graduated from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania in 2017.The finance major and a business partner had been waiting on their colleague in the Center City Philadelphia location when manager Holly Hylton called police (left). Following the initial national coverage on the arrest, members of Omega Psi Phi  took to social media to support Nelson and want the Crooked Philadelphia cops to be suspended.
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Callous woman is confronted as she abandons her four dogs at a vacant lot in Texas and speeds away

April 17, 2018 0

Video shows the moment a woman (left) abandoned four dogs (three of the dogs pictured on the right after they were caught) at a vacant lot in San Antonio, Texas on April 13. A resident in the neighborhood took video of the woman in the act. The resident tries to convince the woman to take her dogs to Animal Care Services, but she gets in her car and speeds away. ACS says the woman later turned herself in.

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Mother-of-two Wells Fargo executive, 43, from Albuquerque is named as woman who was killed when Southwest jet exploded midair

April 17, 2018 0

Jennifer Riordan (pictured with her husband Michael) a mother-of-two from Albuquerque, was on a business trip when the plane's left engine exploded sending shrapnel flying into a window next to her seat. She was rushed to hospital immediately after the flight from New York to Dallas made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport at 11.27am, but authorities confirmed she later died. Annunciation Catholic School, where her two children attend school, identified Riordan as the victim on Tuesday afternoon. 'She was in route from New York when her plane experience (sic) trouble,' assistant principal Amy McCarty wrote in an email to parents. 'At this point, the family needs all the prayers we can offer.' Riordan, the wife of former City of Albuquerque Chief Operations Officer Michael, was the vice president of community relations for Wells Fargo bank, New Mexico, and had been on a business trip for the bank at the time of the explosion. It is not yet clear if Riordan was the woman nearly sucked out of the plane when the window was smashed.Seven other people were injured in the incident.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


April 11, 2018 0

Claiming that some Americans are preparing for a coming war with Moscow, Russian state-owned television explained to the country’s residents how to stock their bunkers with water and basic foodstuffs in case a war breaks out. 

Warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic,” an anchor for Russia’s Vesti 24 showed off shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oatmeal and other products that can last a long time on the shelves if they plan to hide in a bunker. Powdered milk lasts five years, while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, the newscaster explained before showing videos of pasta cooking in a bomb shelter.

The beginning of the program had a mocking tone about war fears, as pictures of nuclear explosions played in the background. A newscaster said the "real panic isn’t here but across the ocean,” suggesting that Americans are terrified of a war with Russia.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Agents seize Stormy Daniels hush-money records in raid on office of Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen

April 09, 2018 0

FBI agents swooped in on the offices of longtime Donald Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen Monday - seizing a trove of documents related to the porn star Stormy Daniels case. According to Cohen's lawyer, the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York executed a search warrant. Agents got a warrant based on a referral from special council Robert Mueller, Cohen's lawyer claimed. New York Times reported the development. 'Today the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients," said Cohen attorney Stephen Ryan.'
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FBI just raided Michael Cohen's office, Trump's lawyer

April 09, 2018 0

FBI raids the Home and Office of long-time Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, looking for evidence of Stormy Daniels, on a referral from Robert Mueller. This is so out of control already. None of this has anything to do with Russian collusion. This is a joke. Rosenstein must be fired.
Mueller is looking into Michael Cohen setting up LLCs for payments, his reported trip to Rome in 2013, and connections to Oleg Deripaska Warrant may have been obtained after recent Mueller interviews with Russian oligarch.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shooting at YouTube headquarters in California

April 03, 2018 0

At least four people were shot at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno on Tuesday, according to a police spokesman. Three victims were taken to local hospitals. A fourth victim died at the scene, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.
Shooting victims included a 36-year-old male in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman in serious condition, and a 27-year-old woman in fair condition, according to a Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew.
The shooter was a woman, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said. Several hundred employees were evacuated on Tuesday noon after the shooting began. As of 5:34PM ET, Google was still advising YouTube employees to shelter in place “until further notice.”
Vadim Lavrusik, a product manager at the company, tweeted that there is an active shooter on campus. The San Bruno Police Department instructed people to stay away from 901 Cherry Avenue, where the company is located. Multiple 911 calls have been received from inside the building, according to a report from local news station KRON.

We are responding to an active shooter. Please stay away from Cherry Ave & Bay Hill Drive.
The shooting began around lunch time, when many people were eating on a patio in the rear of the building, according to multiple reports from employees. In a Twitter thread, YouTube product manager Todd Sherman said that employees first thought there had been an earthquake. People began running out of their meetings, he said, but before reaching the exit, they got word that someone had a gun. Sherman said he saw blood on the floor and the stairs. He also said the shooter may have committed suicide.
Footage posted on Snapchat showed YouTube employees streaming out of the building with their hands above their heads. The doors to its headquarters are typically locked, and visitors have to be buzzed in by someone at the front desk.
Police also blocked off the San Bruno Ave. exit of Interstate 280 as the investigation got underway on Tuesday afternoon.

As one of the most-visited services on the web, YouTube is under constant scrutiny for its policy decisions over content moderation, monetization, and other issues. Last month, the company updated its policy on videos featuring firearms, expanding the list of accessories that cannot be featured in videos that sell them or instruct users how to manufacture or install the accessories.
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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger recovering after heart surgery at Los Angeles hospital

March 31, 2018 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing heart surgery.

The 70-year-old former California governor had a scheduled procedure to replace a pulmonic valve on Thursday, according to Schwarzenegger's spokesman, Daniel Ketchell. He was in stable condition on Friday.

"His first words were actually 'I'm back," so he is in good spirits," Ketchell tweeted.

The operation was necessary to replace a valve that had originally been installed in 1997 for a congenital heart defect. "That 1997 replacement valve was never meant to be permanent, and has outlived its life expectancy," Ketchell said. Schwarzenegger opted for a less-invasive catheter valve replacement procedure.

An open-heart surgery team was ready during the procedure, but Ketchell said their presence wasn't unusual in such circumstances.

"It wasn't an emergency. It was a planned surgery," he told The Associated Press. "The open heart was the backup option."

Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilding star before turning to movies. His career as an action hero took off with the box-office hit "Conan the Barbarian" in 1982. His role in the "Terminator" in 1984 propelled him into box-office superstardom. He served as governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

In addition to his heart ailments, Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle crash in 2001 that left him with several broken ribs. He's had a hip replaced and had rotator cuff surgery in 2003. A 2006 skiing accident broke his right femur, an injury that required a complicated surgery to repair. It also forced Schwarzenegger to hobble on crutches during his second gubernatorial inauguration and several major events.

Schwarzenegger appeared in Los Angeles last week with Ohio Gov. John Kasich to promote a new version of the California GOP that would be more inclusive and would have a willingness to work with Democrats on immigration and climate change.

Schwarzenegger, a registered Republican, is known for his varied political stripes. In 2007 he warned that the GOP was "dying at the box office" and needed to claim issues usually associated with the Democratic agenda, such as climate change and health care reform.
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Prisoner who escaped ICE agents at JFK Airport caught in Chicago

March 31, 2018 0

A prisoner being deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents when he escaped their custody at JFK Airport has been caught in Chicago.

Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke, 31, was being deported to Senegal on a prior weapons arrest when he apparently ran away from the agents in Terminal 4, at Gate B23, around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Sources say the officers had gotten him something to eat as they waited for his flight to Dakar. They turned their backs for a split second, and he was gone.

They searched the terminal themselves, showing airport workers at duty free shops and newsstands Mbacke's picture. It wasn't until nearly two hours later, when the flight was about to depart, that they finally notified local authorities.

PAPD immediately flooded the terminal with officers and opened a command post, but it was far too late.

According to court papers, "The defendant asked for and received permission to sit approximately eight to ten rows away from the deportation officers. Shortly thereafter... the defendant departed the gate area."

Mbacke was caught on surveillance video fleeing the airport in a yellow cab during that time. He was taken into custody without incident in Chicago at a Starbucks coffee shop near the downtown Amtrak station.

"There wasn't any chaos, aggression, no yelling, just silent handcuff and they all just left with him," said Starbucks employee Zimbo Jessert.

"No, nothing was said," said Starbucks employee Angelique Williams. "It was quiet, very quiet, that is why I was so surprised. So I was like, what did he do?"

How agents tracked Mbacke to Chicago is still not clear.

Mbacke had flown with the agents from Detroit and was awaiting a connecting flight. He served state prison time in Michigan for gun possession and was ordered deported after his release, but it appears ICE didn't carry out that order until Tuesday.

He will be returned to Brooklyn to be prosecuted and presumably then deported back to Senegal.
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Austin police find video confession on bomber's phone as it's revealed he used alias Kelly KILLMORE to FedEx devices

March 22, 2018 0

The man behind a string of deadly bombings in Austin has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt after he died blowing himself up as police tried to arrest him early Wednesday morning. The 23-year-old killed himself when he detonated a bomb inside his car as police surrounded him near a hotel on Interstate 35, just outside Austin, at about 2am. His body was spotted under a blue tarp (top right) beside his car (bottom right) as authorities surrounded the crime scene. Police zeroed in on the bomber, who lived nearby, after obtaining CCTV footage of him in disguise and wearing protective gloves (left) as he posted two packages at a FedEx office on Sunday night. Authorities are now warning that more bombs could still be out there because they do not know if the bomber posted more devices prior to his death. The series of bombings killed two people and injured at least five others. The most recent package bomb detonated at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio early Tuesday.
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Sacramento cops shoot unarmed black man 20 times and kill him in his own backyard after they mistake his cellphone for a gun

March 22, 2018 0

Officers fired 20 times at Stephon Alonzo 'Zoe' Clark, after chasing him through the streets at night, into the backyard of his grandparents' house in Sacramento, where he'd been staying. Clark, 23, died at the scene. Police bodycam footage captured the moment that officers turned round the corner of a house, where they came across Clark. Backing up, behind the corner, one of the cops was heard shouting 'Gun! Gun! Gun!' and shouted once 'Show me your hands', before his partner yelled: 'Get 'em, get 'em get 'em.' Almost immediately, they both opened fire reigning down a hail of 20 bullets in a matter of seconds.
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Airline employee busted for allegedly smuggling cocaine at JFK Airport

March 22, 2018 0

An airline crew member found himself in hot water with U.S. Customs and Border Protection after he allegedly tried to smuggle cocaine through JFK Airport last week.

Officials say Hugh Hall, an employee of Fly Jamaica Airways and a Jamaican citizen, arrived at JFK Airport on March 17th on a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

When Hall went through a security inspection in a private search room, customs officers discovered four packages that contained a white powder taped to his legs.

The powder later tested positive for cocaine. Nearly nine pounds of cocaine was found within the packages, which has an approximate street value of $160,000.

"This seizure is another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of illicit drugs," Acting Director of CBP's New York Field Operations Leon Hayward said.

Hall now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges.
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Murder case dropped against NY man imprisoned for 22 years

March 22, 2018 0

Prosecutors dropped charges Wednesday against a New York man who spent 22 years in prison for a double killing before new witnesses came forward and his conviction was overturned.

The decision came after a judge had already overturned Calvin Buari's conviction and freed him in May. Newfound witnesses said Buari wasn't the man who shot two men in a parked car on a Bronx corner in 1992.

The Bronx district attorney's office initially pledged to appeal and retry the case if necessary, so Buari had remained under indictment until prosecutors abandoned the case Wednesday. Spokeswoman Patrice O'Shaughnessy said prosecutors determined they would be "unable to meet our burden of proof at trial."

Buari's lawyer, Oscar Michelen, called the decision "long, long overdue."

"This weight lifted off of him" when the case was dismissed, Michelen said.

The case against Buari, 47, is about to be explored extensively in a podcast scheduled for release March 28.

Elijah and Salhaddin Harris, who were brothers, were shot to death as they ate a takeout dinner in their car Sept. 10, 1992.

Buari was a crack cocaine distributor in the area, and authorities blamed him for a spasm of bloodshed there. Residents "had every reason to fear for their safety as long as he was free to roam the streets," then-District Attorney Robert Johnson said after Buari was convicted in the Harris case in 1995. He was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

After Buari's lawyers and family publicized his exoneration effort in recent years, new witnesses came forward. Two told a court last year they saw another man commit the shooting. A third said Buari was chatting with her down the block when the gunfire started.

"Each of these witnesses testified with sincerity, and remorse, at what they perceived to be a miscarriage of justice," Bronx state Supreme Court Justice Eugene Oliver wrote in overturning Buari's conviction last year. The judge didn't declare Buari innocent but said the new witnesses' testimony warranted a new trial.

Also, prosecutors' key witness later confessed to the crime, then recanted. He recently said Buari wasn't the gunman.

That witness has never been charged in the Harris brothers' deaths but would be fair game for Buari to discuss at a retrial, the judge wrote.

The podcast, "Empire on Blood," follows the case through the lens of journalist Steve Fishman, known for his interviews with imprisoned fraudster Bernard Madoff.

Since his release, Buari has started a business transporting inmates' relatives to prison for visits, but the enduring criminal case had made job- and apartment-hunting difficult, Michelen said.

"Now he can not have this over his head and move on with his life," the attorney said.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Arrest 1 month after father of 3 found with fractured skull in front of Bronx home

March 21, 2018 0

Police have made an arrest one month after a 35-year-old father was found fatally struck in the head in Bronx.

Phillip Roseburgh was discovered by a relative unconscious and bleeding in front of his Garden Street home in the Belmont section around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, February 20.

Authorities say he was ambushed and beaten.

He had been relaxing in the small courtyard of the building and had been talking to a neighbor named Afiya about his children and her son.

"Right before the situation happened he was coming in the building to get the kids and within a couple of minutes, it just happened so fast," she said.

But what happened precisely, no one is sure. "I know that he got into an altercation in front of the building, I don't know with who, but he hit his head and once he hit his head he fell unconscious," said Afiya.

Roseburgh hit his head on the pavement and was out cold. Family members found him and he was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital in critical condition with what is believed to be a fractured skull. He died days later from his injuries.

Neighbors described him as a loving father of three who could regularly be seen walking his two sons and daughter to school.

"It's crazy," an area resident said. "It's scary, disgusting. I feel so bad for him, because he's a single father. He was raising a girl and two boys, and it's sad."

The suspect fled the scene, but was arrested on Monday, March 19.

Police arrested Ceasar Johnson, 19, and charged him with murder.

Detectives did not immediately have a motive for the assault, and anyone with information is urged to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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Teen who used the moniker ‘NickCruz’ is arrested for Snapchat threat

March 21, 2018 0

Three students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were arrested this week as a Florida sheriff reveals a school deputy has been placed on leave for sleeping on the job. 
The Broward County Sheriff's Office said a sophomore student was arrested Tuesday for posting threatening messages on Snapchat, including one of a gun.
In one image, the teen was pictured with a weapon tucked into the waistband of his pants. The second photo was of bullets, the department said. 
Detectives said both photos had threatening messages, and one was directed at someone named 'Josh'.

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BREAKING NEWS: Police 'shoot dead Austin bomber as they attempt to arrest him and he detonates a bomb'

March 21, 2018 0

The Austin bomber has been shot dead as police FBI agents were trying to arrest him, it is reported.
The suspect detonated a device before gunfire rang out along Interstate Highway 35 in the early hours of Wednesday, according to KVUE anchor Kris Betts.
Austin Police Department tweeted that they were working on an officer-involved shooting near the highway, but gave no further detail

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Monday, March 19, 2018

27-year-old man killed in Bronx New York hit and run, gun found at scene

March 19, 2018 0

Police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck two people, one fatally, before fleeing the scene in the Bronx early Monday.

The pedestrians were struck by a white BMW on Third Avenue in the Tremont section just before 5:30 a.m.

They were pinned between the vehicle and a van, and one of them -- 27-year-old Wally Dominguez -- was pronounced dead at the scene. The second victim, his 23-year-old cousin, suffered an ankle injury and was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital.

The driver of the BMW, described as being 5-foot-5 and 150 pounds wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans, fled on foot along with another person in the vehicle.

Later Monday, Jason Rivera stood and stared in disbelief at the sidewalk memorial for Dominguez. He couldn't believe his friend since childhood was gone.

 "I woke to a phone call at 6 this morning, talking about this happening," he said. "I have no idea who would, everybody liked him, a likable dude. If you didn't have it and he had it, you had it."

Police say a nearby ShotSpotter detected shots fired, and investigators found shell casings under the BMW. They also recovered a gun, which authorities say belonged to the victim.

Back at the Dominguez home in Fordham, there was grief and sorrow for the father of a young girl -- a father who celebrated his birthday just a few days ago.

"Loving, always making people laugh," the victim's cousin, Laisha Castillo, said. "This is crazy. I wasn't expecting this...I don't know. I really don't."

The anguish of his friends and family was apparent at a massive tribute outside the home Monday night.
Investigators are looking through security footage in the area.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Correction officer burned, punched by inmate at Rikers Island

March 18, 2018 0

Another correction officer was attacked at Rikers Island - making it the fourth attack by an inmate in just over a month.

The Correction Officer's Benevolent Association, the union representing correction officers, said the inmate, who was in jail on murder and assault charges, threw hot water at the officer's face and repeatedly punched him.

The assault happened Saturday night in an enhanced supervision housing unit.

The union said the inmate was also responsible for assaulting a different correction officer last year.

"We are heading down a real slippery slope, down a real dark alley," said COBA President Elias Husamudeen during a Sunday evening press conference called in response to the number of recent attacks. "We need these jails to be safe and we need these jails to be safe today."

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Pictures of the four correction officers assaulted by inmates in NYC in the last five weeks. Full story at 11 PM on @ABC7NY. @NYCCOBA1

Last week a female officer was reportedly punched in the face while escorting an inmate out of a Bronx criminal court and into a DOC vehicle, and in a separate incident the day before, a male officer was reportedly cut in the face by another inmate.

The attacks follow the violent assault on Officer Jean Souffrant, 39, who was hospitalized with a fractured spine after several inmates ruthlessly attacked him in February.

In another brutal attack caught on surveillance video last year, the inmate responsible for the beating of an officer had even called 311 threatening to kill an officer before the attack.

Husamudeen accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of failing to look out for the safety of correction officers and as a result allowing inmate assaults on officers to increase under de Blasio's watch.

"Do I think de Blasio wants to see anyone of us to get killed? No," Husamudeen said. "But, I don't think he cares enough to do anything to stop it from happening."

Husamudeen said COBA is calling on the city to remove hot pots freely accessibly by inmates immediately from Rikers to prevent another scalding water attack. He also called on the city to admit restrictions on punitive segregation for violent behavior hasn't worked and has led to an increase in officer assaults.

"We need stiffer penalties. We need harsher penalties," Husamudeen said.

In response to Saturday's attack DOC Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Peter Thorne wrote in a statement, "Outrageous attacks like this, on an officer just doing his job helping keep the rest of us safe, are exactly why this inmate was immediately placed into more restrictive custody. This inmate will also be arrested and face serious charges."

Thorne's statement did not directly address Husamudeen's criticism of the Mayor's policies or concerns about what COBA calls an uptick in officer assaults.

A Mayor's Management Report by the Department of Correction examining the first part of fiscal year 2018 identified a 21.1% increase "serious injuries to staff as a result of inmate assaults compared to last year."

Thorne couldn't comment directly on the Mayor's Management Report Sunday night but provided alternative statistics indicating that while overall assaults on staff were up 2% in 2017 compared to 2016, assaults on staff resulting in serious or minor injury have decreased 16% in the last three years.

According to COBA more than 2,000 officers have been assaulted in the last four years, meaning on average more than one officer is assaulted in NYC a day.
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