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Friday, March 16, 2018

Images from the Holocaust are even more chilling in color

These harrowing pictures of a teenage girl awaiting her torture and death at the hands of Nazi torture specialists lay bare the tragic human toll of the Holocaust.
The gaunt face of 14-year-old prisoner CzesĹ‚awa Kwoka stares back through time in a haunting Auschwitz mugshot restored this year by Brazilian artist Marina Amaral.
Taken just minutes after she was beaten to within an inch of her life, the images give a human face to one of the concentration camp’s 1.1 million victims.
The painstakingly recolored photos show the teenager trying to hold back tears after being repeatedly struck by a guard’s club.
Kwoka was dragged away from her home in southeastern Poland to create living space for ethnic Germans at the height of Nazi domination.
She had the number 26947 tattooed on her arm on arrival, before being savagely beaten by guards as she was dragged off to have her photo taken.
She died 67 days later after Auschwitz scientists injected deadly phenol directly into her heart without using an anesthetic.

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